Your old laptop may be the
opportunity of a lifetime

IT for Children is a Swedish non-profit organization targeted towards Ghana, West Africa. Here we provide the necessary tools for children and youth to gain knowledge, education and confidence – so that they can grow as individuals and contribute positively to the development of their country.

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What we do

IT for Children chooses not to provide direct monetary support, primary products or clothes because these are aid strategies widely considered by most current academic research to be economically counterproductive. Instead, we lay emphasis on something else, something concrete and fundamentally important in today’s society: computer skills and internet access.

Despite enormous differences in standards of living, health and education levels, there remain certain forums where people, no matter the context or the size of their wallets, are equals. The internet constitutes one such forum. A person who has access to a computer with an internet connection in a poor African country, has access to exacly the same information and communication channels as everyone else in the world.

Through this channel, all the information in the world can be acquired, communication with people from the whole globe can be pursued, education in all possible fields can be obtained, and personal growth can be achieved.


However, all this requires not only access to a computer with internet, but also knowledge in its usage.

Now we are collecting used laptops from companies and individuals in Sweden, sending them to Ghana and installing them in schools there, along with 3G modem networks securing internet access. In this way we recycle computers that are no longer needed by their owners in Sweden, redistributing them to a developing country where they are wished for, needed and crucial for future development.

Who we are

The non-profit organization was founded in February 2015 by M.Sc. Torsten Kjellgren, and is politically and religiously independent. It strives towards improvement, development and an increase in knowledge for all of Ghana’s youth – no matter their gender, ethnicity or religion.

Our staff

  • Photo of Torsten Kjellgren

    Torsten Kjellgren

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    Torsten is a Political Scientist and Development Specialist from Stockholm, with a strong passion for Africa. He holds a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Politics and International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in Political Science from Uppsala University, Sweden.

    For his Master’s Thesis Torsten pursued his own original field study in Ghana, examining the country’s democratization process. His study, which received strong positive academic acclaim and the top-mark, consisted of in-depth interviews with central politicians and public officials, for example Ghana’s president 2000 - 2008: John Kufuor.

    Furthermore, Torsten has worked as Development Officer for the Ghanaian NGO Young People We Care (, implementing projects within education, women’s rights, youth-employability and entrepreneurship as well as sustainable development, as part of Ghana’s national implementation of United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Torsten has also worked as a trainee for the Permanent Delegation of Sweden to the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, at its headquarters in Paris, France.

    Torsten is the main head of operations, coordinating all the sectors of the organization. As he has lived in Ghana for a year, pursuing work within the political, academic and development field, Torsten possesses a wide network and a deep knowledge of the country, aside from his academic accomplishments and UN experience. This represents a strong asset in the process of implementing the projects for IT For Children.

  • Photo of Anthony Kusi

    Anthony Kusi

    IT Coordinator in Ghana

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    Anthony is a young computer expert originally from Berekum, in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. He has been a part of the NGO Teach on the Beach ( in Busua, the Western region of Ghana, for several years. This is also where Anthony met Torsten in 2012, and the two have been close friends ever since. Initially a student in the program ran by the NGO, he was subsequently appointed Tech Manager assisting the organization’s staff members and volunteers in technical issues. He has combined this role with being an ICT teacher for the after-school program in the community, where he has been teaching children from primary and secondary school how to use computers.

    Being the IT coordinator for IT For Children, Anthony is responsible for the installation, supervision and maintenance of the laptops, as soon as they arrive in Ghana.

  • Photo of Yahaya Mantika

    Yahaya Mantika

    Logistics Coordinator in Ghana

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    Yahaya is an experienced professional within the educational sector, originally from the Ghanaian capital of Accra. His specialties lie within the practical and logistical fields, but he also a wealth of experience within the educational sphere. Yahaya held the position of “Head of Operations” on-site for several years for the NGO Teach On The Beach ( in the Western Region of Ghana. It was through this employment that he first became acquainted with IT For Children’s IT Coordinator, Anthony, and then years later with Torsten, in 2012. Moving on from his position at Teach On The Beach, Yahaya held the position of teacher during the period of one year for the NGO Bethel Food in Yapogor, Côte d’Ivoire. Subsequently, after returning to Ghana, Yahaya was appointed Manager for Antimasa Lodge in Cape Three Points, Western Region of Ghana.

    As the Logistics Coordinator for IT For Children, Yahaya is responsible for all the practicalities surrounding the organization’s operations on-site in Ghana. He is also assisting the organization’s IT Coordinator, Anthony, in securing and supervising the ICT equipment and instructing the school children in ICT.

  • Photo of Jakob Lindahl

    Jakob Lindahl

    Webmaster & member of the board

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    Jakob is a Technical Support Officer within online payments solutions for DIBS Payment Services AB ( in Stockholm. He has previously worked within the same field for Nets Sweden AB. Still in his mid-twenties, Jakob has had a fast and prosperous career within the technical domain. Shortly after being hired as a Technician for Sea Cross Marine AB, he showed his prominent skills and was consequently promoted to Technical Director for the company – a position he held for three years before he moved on to his current field. Apart from this, Jakob has had plenty of part-time engagements within the sound and graphic sphere for various clients in both the public and the private domain. These have included web design and programming, image production, lightning and sound systems for different events, as well as stage arrangements for concerts.

    As the Webmaster for IT For Children, Jakob has programmed the website and has the overarching responsibility for updating it continuously.

  • Photo of Mikael Kjell

    Mikael Kjell

    Member of the board

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    Mikael is a Master’s student in Philosophy at Södertörn University, Stockholm. He has earlier studied German and Philosophy at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany – considered one of the best schools in the country. His rich academic qualifications are supplemented with his earlier employment as research assistant at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Mikael’s work experience spans over different fields such as sales, customer service and tour-guiding. The National Museum, Abba the Museum, and ICA are some of his former employers.

  • Photo of Rasmus Severin Karlsson

    Rasmus Severin Karlsson

    Secretary & member of the board

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    Rasmus is a Master’s student in History of Ideas at Stockholm University, and a part-time administrator at MTR Stockholm. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) from Stockholm University, with a double-major in German and History of Ideas. Rasmus’s work experience spans over various fields such as academia, culture and sales. Among his former employers are: the British Museum and American Apparel in London, as well as the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

    As the Secretary for IT For Children, Rasmus is responsible for the protocols from the organization’s meetings.

  • Photo of Anna Eriksson Wallin

    Anna Eriksson Wallin

    Legal Adviser

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    Anna is a practicing draft lawyer/rapporteur at the Administrative Court of Appeal in Stockholm. She holds a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) from Stockholm University. After graduation she undertook her notary service at the Administrative Court in Stockholm, where she was subsequently hired as a draft lawyer, before she moved on to her current position.

    As the Legal Adviser for IT For Children, Anna is assisting the organization with expertise in legal matters.

  • Photo of Meaghan Cooper

    Meaghan Cooper

    Linguistic Adviser

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    Meaghan is an Editorial Assistant at Taylor & Francis Publishing (, originally from Seattle, Washington State, USA. She holds a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Politics and International Relations from Uppsala University, Sweden and a Bachelor of the Arts degree (B.A.) in International Political Economy from Colorado College, USA. Meaghan has experience working in Sweden for the NGO Initiatives of Change as well as the Embassy of Canada to Sweden, combined with her earlier pursued work for Railway Square YHA in Sydney, Australia and the Colorado College Department of Economics and Business, USA.

    As the Linguistic Adviser for IT For Children, Meaghan is reviewing and elaborating the English texts and documents of the organization.

  • Photo of Viktor Lyth

    Viktor Lyth

    IT/hardware strategist & member of the board

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    Viktor is an IT Technician at the security company MySafety ( He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Systems and Computer Science, with a specialization in IT system development, from Linköping University. Despite his young age, Viktor has a rich work experience within the IT field. He has, for example, worked as a Network Technician for RNB, Retail and Brands, as a Database Migration Technician for Microsoft and as a Support Technician for Ernst & Young.

    As the IT/Hardware Strategist for IT For Children, Viktor assists the organization in technical matters, and plays a key role in the development of its long-term technical strategy.

  • Photo of Pontus Severin Karlsson

    Pontus Severin Karlsson

    Treasurer & member of the board

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    Pontus is a Media-Analyst for the global media corporation M-Brain ( He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A) from Södertörn University, Stockholm with a double-major in Media and Communication Science and Business Economics. Among his minors, Commercial Law, Data Analysis & Statistics can be mentioned.

    As the Treasurer for IT For Children, Pontus is supervising the organization’s budget, and its accountancy.